Terms of sale

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]GENERAL TERMS OF SALE
Article 1 : Definitions

FOLK: this term refers to the joint-stock company FOLK with share capital of 1000€, intra-Community VAT number: FR01834763146, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 834 763 146 R.C.S paris whose registered office is located at 15, rue Raynouard, 75016 Paris, France.
Site: this term refers to the online sales website Cheyenne-Marie-CARRON Parfums: www.cheyennecarronparfums.com, on which the products are presented and sold to the customer.
Product(s): this term refers to the perfumery products commercialized by Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums and purchasable on the website.
Customer: this term refers to the non-professional natural person that browses and/or orders one or several retail products on the website for personal purposes.
Stakeholder(s): this term refers alternatively or collectively to the website Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums and/or the customer.
Order: this term refers to the sales contract entered into by Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums and the customer.
General terms and conditions of sale: this term refers to the current general terms of sale on the website.

Article 2 : Purpose

The current conditions specify the sale terms between Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums and the user, regarding points like order placement, after-sales service or even payment and delivery.

Article 3 : Products

Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums exclusively proposes for sale, and within the limit of available stocks, the products shown on the website on the day the customer browses it. Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums reserves the right to withdraw any of its products from online sale at any time and without prior notice.
All products sold on the website are available for any country worldwide.
Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums does its utmost to abide the L 111-1 article of the French Consumer Code. The customer can thus take note of the main features of the products he’s interested in prior to ordering them. However, the pictures illustrating the products sold on the website are not contractual and are provided solely for indicative purposes.

Article 4 : Price

The current price is mentioned on the website. The prices are expressed in euros and include all taxes, among which the VAT which is applicable in France on the day of order.

Shipping charges are not included in the prices, they will be stated prior to registering the order and added only then.
Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums reserves the right to modify its product prices at any time. However, a purchased product will be charged the price it was set to at the exact time its order was confirmed.

Article 5 : Order.

Ordering on the website implies acceptance without restriction nor reserve of the general sales conditions.
The buyer needs to specify the delivery method, payment method and click the “order” button in order to definitely confirm his order. The order details and total price can be checked, and the order can be modified or canceled if necessary.
The customer accepts that his order validation acts as a convention between stakeholders. The payment validation as well as the reception of a confirmation e-mail by Cheyenne-Marie CARRON parfums will act as a proof of acceptation for the aforementioned order and its definitive validation. The data saved by Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums and the payment service provider act as a proof of the nature, content and date of the order.
Thus, as soon as the order is definitely confirmed, the customer will no longer be able to cancel or modify his order, subject to the provisions of article 10 of the present general terms of sale. The payment will then be triggered upon confirming the order.
In case the product is not available once the order is placed, the customer will be informed with an e-mail. The order will be canceled, payment will be returned and FOLK will notify the customer as soon as the product is available again. FOLK will not incur any liability in case of stock shortage or product unavailability.
Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums reserves the right to cancel any order of any customer with previous litigations.
Orders with delivery outside of France may require longer processing times, especially deliveries of VAT-free orders.

Article 6 : Payment

All orders are payable in euros.
• Online with bank card during the order process:
Blue Card, e-Blue Card, Visa, Mastercard, Aurore, American Express
The customer’s account will only be debited once the available products are shipped. In case of stock shortage or unavailable product, the customer’s bank account will only be debited for the products that were actually shipped.

• Online with paypal during the order process:
The customer’s Paypal account will be debited directly after the order confirmation. In case of stock shortage or product unavailability, a refund will be issued directly to the customer’s Paypal account.

• By check or bank transfer:
Available products will be shipped after cashing the check or receiving the bank transfer. In case of stock shortage or product unavailability, the customer will be refunded by check.

Article 7 : Delivery

The ordered products will be shipped to the address the customer provided as his delivery address during the order, in accordance with the present general terms of sale.
The delivery period starts with the sending of an order confirmation e-mail
In accordance with the existing law, Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums is committed to ship the product within 30 days after the order is issued if the product is available. If the product fails to be delivered at the end of this period, the customer may cancel his order and be refunded.

Article 8 : Receipt of order – Complaints – Informations

Upon receiving the package, the customer is required to control the conformity and condition of the product packaging and check for apparent defects. In case of damage or partial loss, the customer shall make reservations, note them down on the delivery receipt brought by the shipper and then notify them to Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums by e-mail, mail or telephone.
For any question or complaint regarding our products, their use or mail-order sales conditions, the customer can reach the Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums customer service at the e-mail cmcparfums@gmail.com, by mail or call 01 40 50 32 02 and use the order number.

Article 9 : Right of withdrawal.

All products can be returned or refunded except those specified to the contrary.
Exchanges are also possible.
The product to be exchanged has to be in its original packaging, undamaged and complete.

The refund or exchange request has to be submitted within 14 days after the parcel receipt. In case the newly purchased product costs more, the customer will have to add the remainder of the sum. However, if the replacement product costs less than the originally purchased one, the customer will receive a cheque-letter or a refund voucher for the difference after reception of his query.

If exercising his right of withdrawal, the customer will be charged the return costs.

Article 10 : Legal warranty and returning items.

The customer benefits from the legal warranty of conformity and from the warranty against hidden defects in accordance with articles 1641 and following from the French Civil Code. Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums is committed to exchange the returned item with another product of equivalent price and quality depending on stock availability, or to refund the spent sum by retrocession on his bank card within 15 days, in case of items non-conforming the order or delivery of items with hidden defects.

Article 11 : Liability

Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums only has obligations of means. The customer is responsible for assessing his own needs and deciding what available article is most likely to suit him as well as deciding to purchase it or not. Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums will not be held liable for any improper use of its products.
The items being delivered by a third-party shipper, Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums declines any liability in case of delivery delay due to shipping issues, parcel loss or postal service strike. The customer assumes all risks regarding the delivered goods from the moment when he receives them.
Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums will only be held liable if its responsibility can be fully proven to be entirely its own.
Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums reserves the right to interrupt its online activity and does not guarantee a permanent availability of its website, without temporary interruption, nor without issues.

Article 12 : Force majeure.

Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums reserves the right not to meet its duty in time or to interrupt all of its activities in any case of fortuitous event or force majeure within the meaning of the case law. Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums will notify the customer in case of fortuitous event or force majeure within 7 days.

Should Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums not be able to meet its duty within 15 days, the customer may cancel his ongoing order and will have his bank account refunded without undue delay.

Article 13 : Intellectual property

In accordance with copyright laws, the brands, logos, texts on this website as well as the website itself are exclusively owned by Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums or its subsidiaries, which grant no license or right other than that of consulting the website.
A user license is granted to the customer to allow him to use the website which remains exclusive property of Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums, creator and uploader of all of its contents. The customer has no right to spread or reproduce any part of the website in any form. Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums articles
Any full or partial reproduction, download, modification or use of these creations, for whatever purpose and on any media, without prior and written authorization from Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums is strictly forbidden.

Article 14 : Applicable law – Dispute.

The present general terms of sales and contractual relations between Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums are governed by French law.
In case of dispute between Cheyenne-Marie CARRON Parfums and the customer, an amicable settlement will be reached between stakeholders prior to seizing any jurisdiction.
Any dispute, arising out of the application or interpretation of general terms of sale, falls within the competence of the Court of Appeal of Paris.
By ordering on this website, the customer explicitly and irrevocably renounces any sort of action that does not fall within the exclusive competence of French law.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]