About me

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Perfume has always been a part of my life. I have a particular passion for the creations of Frédéric Malle, Jean-Paul Guerlain, Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan, Céline Elena and Edmond Roudnitska, whose Parfum de Thérèse is not merely a perfume but a genuine work of art, evoking far-away places and rekindling intense personal emotions.

From the very beginning of my career in cinema, perfume has been a vital element of my films, whether it be a trait of somebody’s character, a means of communication or a common language shared by both character and spectator alike. My film Extase mentions the odour of sanctity. In La Chute des Hommes, a young woman travels to the Middle East for her thesis on perfume. My next film will feature a teenager who maintains the bond with his handicapped mother thanks to an eau de cologne she was once fond of.

In the popular imagination, there has always been a strong and natural tendency to associate perfume with film. The cinema is littered with symbolic works – The Scent of a Woman, The Scent of Green Papaya, etc – while the world of perfume is pervaded by the aura of the big screen whether it be Marilyn Monroe and “her” N°5 or the various adverts which resemble films.

A year ago, I decided to go further with this connection between my two passions by creating my own perfumes to tell stories, stimulate the imagination, arouse the senses and evoke memories.

The stories told in my films and those told by my perfumes are intimately linked. Both are concerned by the idea of identity, the things I cherish as well as those who are dear to me. Marie pays homage to my mother. Folk and Soleil Païen are quests for nature and spirituality. L’Indochinoise continues the story of one of my film characters…For both film and perfume aim to stir emotions, provoke thoughts, transport people to exotic places and, if possible, fill people’s lives with wonder.

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